About Us


Since its inception in 1991, RTI Realty has been evolving at a rapid pace. Today, we are known for a tradition of excellence that delivers measurable result for our clients every time, a service ethic that puts the concerns of our clients first, a code of transparency that translates into trust, and a professional spirit that delivers every time.On an aggressive growth curve, today we are eyeing exciting new marks of expansion, and helping our clients explore lucrative new horizons of opportunity.The soul moto of RTI is to capture corporate investors.


Best payments plans and prices, for following powerful reason

  • As underwriters, we put a stake in the project ourselves by investing in it – naturally, we are ensure that these projects are the finest in the market.
  • 1 – we deal in bulk volume, and therefore able to pass on the price benefit to our customer ( by way of special discount and others).
  • 2 – As channel partners, we enjoy a certain level of trust with the builder, which,again, give us access to better rates and deals than our competitors.
  • 3 – property Investment advice covering nearly all the projects of Delhi-NCR.
  • 4 – Details Project Report Containing information about the project including specific rates and payments plans, ROI calculators, development survey of locality including maintenance, infrastructure growth like roads, flyovers, etc, Day-by-by update on value of the property and more.
  • 5 – Details comparison reports clearly displaying value and ROI of Project vis-a-vis other, comparable projects, in the market.
  • 6 – A commitment to satisfaction manifest not just providing expert property investment advice, but dedicated post-sales services as well, that usually result in both exceptional value appreciation, and Rousting term relationship.

Essence of RTI

What we bring to the table
As leading underwriters in the realty space, we help our esteemed clients make smarter investment decisions by offering them.

  • Better Range of property choices
  • – Better rates and offers than the competition
  • -better services that help them get more
  • There is a right time of Entry And A right time to Exit At RTI, we guide you on both.
  • Some Of ways we answer the above question are – – – – > 1 – deploy a veteran team of experts with years of experience in spotting trends and capitalizing on them ata the right times.
  • 2- Activate a proprietary process that includes studying market trends, harressing advanced analytic, employing domain insight perfected over the years, and trusting our own insticts to arrive at near-flawless decision.
  • 3- handpicking best projects (and bypassing the rest) :Our close association with top builders and developers allow us to underwrite the best proijects, and give us “First Mover Advantage” whenever new projects are launched.
  • 4- A stress on innovation that often result in out-of-the-box thinking – leading to delightfully fresh solution for our clients.
  • 5-A quest for breaking new ground and creating new milestone- For Example, we are the first ” Under-writer” with corporate tie-ups.
  • 6-We rae the bridge between developers and coorporate worlds.
  • 7 – Main focus our corporate.

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